Gaeleon Silverfyre, the Archangel
Gaeleon Silverfyre

The Archangel of Alrune and Weaponsmaster of the Truefyre people, this is the tale of a gentle yet stern soul who choose a life of adventure, danger, and destiny...

The true legend of the Archangel of Alrune
Beginnings How the Archangel came to Rhydin...
Tales of the Blade The stories of Gaeleon and his travels
Finding true Destiny How he found love...and lost it as well
Legends and Legacies Life of Gaeleon during recent years
Profile The Profile of Gaeleon Silverfyre
Dark Poetry Poetry of the Dark Poet
The Armory Weapons & Armor of the Archangel of Alrune
Links Links to sites
Gaeleon Silverfyre's Music Angel's Holocaust..the music of Gaeleon's Life