Tarin, Dagger of the Ages
Tarin, the Dagger of the Ages

The dagger Tarin was given to Gaeleon by his adopted sister, Anyra. It had called to him and only him and is named after Anyra's daughter, Tarin. The dagger is almost a foot and a half long and is crafted in steel and gold. The blade shines with a aura of magick and seems to have a conscience of its own. There are five stones set in the hilt and they have the following abilities:

Emerald: This stone allows the wielder to focus and clear their mind, allowing inspiration and passion to come at will.

Ruby: This stone gives the wielder a fiery passion and helps them understand themselves better.

Sapphire: This stone represents intelligence and helps to better the intelligence and wisdom of the wielder. Wielder gains a point of Intelligence and Wisdom while using this stone.

Amethyist: This stone calls upon the powers of the spirit and helps to call upon spirits in time of need or calm the spirit of another.

Amber: The stone of peace. This stone can be called upon to better calm someone's emotions and worries.

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