Silverfury, the Sword of Alrune
Silverfury, The Sword of Alrune

The sword of Alrune is a longsword that is forged with the spirits of the very essence of magic. Its fine blade is about 40' long and is crafted of a rare metal called diamonite, the most precious of Alrune metals and almost as hard as diamond. The finely forged hilt is set with silver over gold and has three jewels set in the pommel. One in the pommel itself is a emerald that bears the crest of House Silverfyre, A Celtic Cross under a Silver Dragon Standard. The other two are sapphires and are woven into the cross guard of the sword. It functions as a Long sword +5, Defender and has the following spell-like abilities:

Minor Powers:
Burning Hands: 3 time a day
Hypontism: 3 times a day
Light: Once a hour (Blade lights up, creates same effect as spell)
Hypontic Pattern: Twice a day
Clairvoyence: Three times every two days

Major Powers:
Lightning Bolt: Once a week
Ice Storm: Once a week
Rainbow Pattern: Once a Day
Limited Wish: Once every half year
Wish: Once every year

Wielder must be off Saratin blood or perish if they touch the sword for more than 30 seconds, due to immense shock as per a lightning bolt spell. The wielder as gains a +2 to his Strength score but only when he is wielding Silverfury and no other weapon.

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