Dark Poetry of Christian
Dark Poetry of Christian

Dark Child

You fought valiantly against the oncmoming hoard,
Courage abond with their blood on your sword.
The unsavory evil was coming as fast as you could take them down,
Fighting you are, trying desperately to stand your ground.
The last evil souls falls upon the bloodstained plain,
Your victory and independance you have gained.
And then there was me.
Your eyes burn with hatred at what they see,
Your sword swung violently toawrds my dark heart,
But your blow does not land...this is just the start.
You can not move...you can not think...you can not begin to comprehend.
The time has come for your bitter end.
My own blade thrusts up through your very heart and cuts through your flesh,
Steel and blood becoming one...you had a few moments to live at best.
I twisted the hilt with a wicked grin upon my bloodless lips,
My fangs plunge into your neck and away your life I sip.
That's right...you are dying fast and nourishing the very evil you sought to destroy,
Now with your soul I begin to toy.
I finished the kiss and you fell to my feet, lifeless and cold,
Recreating a scene that my kind has repeated since times of old.
Centuries pass and your kind lives on,
But oh...I am far from gone.
Your descendants try to retaliate against the evil,
We continue to press on...the living embodiment of the Devil.
Sword traded for a stake and bow for a gun,
It's time for me to hunt again, this special time just for fun!
Your descendant battled fiercely, against the evil of ancient times,
Her blade flashed sharply into an endless rhyme.
And then there was me,
The fear in her crystalline eyes told her this couldn't be.
She gave a fiery fight and I almost felt fear,
But I couldn't let her win for I sensed her heart was tainted as I came near.
A perfect progency she would make and I shall be her sire,
Her soul will join mine and togethor we will burn in the hatred fueled fire.
I toke her in the Embrace and she accepted it without a second's hesistation,
She had never been so close to unholy intimidation.
Her eyes closed for the last time in life as I drank her dry,
Yet she left with a whimper of ectsasy, enough to make my heart cry.
A woman who shall become immortal and join my side,
More so than you where when I made you die.
The dagger I drew had once been used by me on you,
Old blood of your family splattered on the blade, joining with the blood of the new.
The wickedly tempered blade drew across my ashen wrist,
Balling my slender dead hand into a fist.
Twin drops of immortal vitae flowed into the girl's waiting lips,
And now to the beautiful Damned does she slip.
Her orbs, now full of hatred, open once again,
Her destiny now her own...her soul she shall choose to defend.
I taught her all she needed to know of the unlife,
But of course, on her own, she will learn the Kindred's strife.
After the years pass and she left my protection,
Not with sincere goodbyes but sheer rejection.
Hated I am for what I have done,
Did you hear? The Holocaust for us Kindred has begun!
Now our final battle shall be joined in all ascepts,
Our souls, Heaven has even chosen to reject.
So will our punishment be severe or mild?
Yet I live this life of darkness and fear...Known as the one called the "Dark Child."

Eyes of Deception

Look into the face of deception and bewildering thoughts,
The mind of a lunatic whos eyes glare daggers of death.
A shattered soul long since left crucified by his own sins,
Tattered and torn by chaos, engulfed in the flames of retribution.
Raging screams of the weak demad a redemption,
None deliver and the meek suffer under the superoity of the strong.
Blood flows like ravaging rivers through the valley of the damned.
Shed by our own gathering sins.
The spirit of innocence stands nailed upon a cross of betrayel.
Suffering and sadness emerges from the hearts of the benevolent.
Heaven is swept away like a bothersome fly.
And Hell engulfs the world, only adding to the end of our days.
The remnants of a once civilied order are ruled by tyranny.
Yet they do not truly understand the purity of hatred in their souls.
The forces of the Abyss join hands and wipe away all opposition.
Only to leave a world denied and devoid of light in their wake.
No longer a captive of balance, turmoil deepens in the furied hearts of men.
Yet we are reminded of the coming dangers of Armageddeon.
Caused by our own unneccasary bloodshed.
Destiny is taken into the hands of struggling men.
But the better of humanity is engulfed by its own sins and hate.
The lust for flesh leaves us stranded in a world plunged in anarchy.
Purity exists but in the form of hatred, lies, and evil.
Night forever cloaks the world in a blanket of pure darkness.
Total Darkness....total loss of innocence.
Humanity is dead...the world ravaged...heaven forgotten.
Prayers for salvation fall upon deaf ears,
As the call to arms is yelled forth by fallen leaders.
We are struggling in the eternal war and we are losing.
Demons of uncertainity plaque our minds.
As we look into the fiery eyes of deception,
We find ourselves staring back with blank, obscured eyes of blindness.
We are the deception, the very essence of the darkness!
Looking upon the eyes of deception, we are looking into a mirror of self truth.
For we are the ones destroying ourselves and only togethor can we be our own saviors,
Until we realize our own true self image, we stare into the eyes of deception...

Final Judgement

Another strike upon my soul,
Nothing will ever fill this hole.
My heart is withered and full of sorrow,
Please Oh God!! Let it end tomorrow!
I can't stand it anymore!
I am forever mortally wounded and this has shaken me to the core.
Eternal sadness clouds my thoughts,
And warpes my mind, all that I have sought.
Even I have been betrayeled,
By my own friends...Oh the shame!
I have struggled long enough to see my life,
Full of treachory, betrayel, and strife!
Never will I love again,
Away damn you, back to the place that from where you were sent.
Only am I mortal and feel much pain,
My spirit is forever tarnished and stained.
The girl I once loved has shattered my love,
Forever lost in the spirit of treason.
God has dealt me this cruel hand,
Which I merely can not stand!
All who have hurt me and put me though it,
They are the ones who saw my fuse light!
You are the ones who see my soul to sell,
And put me through this immortal Hell!
I won't tolerate it anymore,
My spirit, from this treatment and its own subtle lies, will never soar!
Forever bound and chained by manacles of torment,
I can only hope you can all repent!
Now I am truly alone,
Left with nothing but a heart of stone..

Forever Alone

Fires burning higher and the heat rising unbearably,
Yet he seems all the same merrily!
Nothing seems to concern this person,
Not a damned thing at all!
But I know inside everything slows down to a crawl,
His soul seems diamond hard outside but he is really in pain,
His life has gone way past its set strain.
Why he doesn't just let it out is beyond most,
I understand though which is what I can boast.
It is a simple answer to a rather complex question,
His heart and soul have learned life's inevitable lesson.
Failure, betrayel, strife, and above all hate,
These emotions seem to have sealed our fate.
Unbridled love burns within him,
This feeling tends to be our ultimate sin.
His eyes are cold as is his heart,
But it was not like this from the very start...
He did love once and she was the joy of his life,
No pain, no hate, no failure, no strife..
The times they shared together were forever true,
Until the Lord declared "I will take her from you!"
With just one thought and in the blink of an eye,
He watched in immortalized horror as his love bled and died.
In his arms she faded away,
Not to live with him for another day...
For unknown reasons she could not stay,
After this unforunate dealing,
He forever did give up feeling.
And you wonder why I know or who he must be?
It is because this man is me....

Hail the Brightspears

Gather round young travelers as I start,
To spin a story that will captivate your heart.
I weave a tale of adventure, my friend,
One I beleive til the bitter end.
I tell of a place I call heaven on earth,
Held sacred by her people since the time of her birth.
The isle, lush and green, was named after its clan,
A clan that is benevolent, always to make a stand.
The name of the clan is none other than the BrightSpears,
When evil hears that name, they cower in fear.
They welcome all with open arms,
Fear them not oh traveler, they will cause you no harm,
Unless you are dark and then you shall dread,
The moment Steel Jans lopes off your head!
He is the Dragon Rider and beloved companion of the Mighty Drakken,
Who swoops into battle with flames a-cracklin!
The Norseman, so bold and true,
No better a friend will you find, I assure you!
There are many a brave souls,
The ones who hold my heart and keep my belly full!
There is first Alyion Tel'Quisseur, best friend to us all,
Always there to caught you when you fall.
But don't get me wrong, she is someone evil fears,
For she is the Spear Maiden, true mistress of the spear!
Though Alyion, our beloved leader, only uses it when nothing else will prevail,
No matter the task, no matter the odds, she will never fail.
When our wounds are serious and we need someone to make us feel complete,
Our loved druidess Rahnaria is the one who we seek.
So benevolent and with the softest of eyes,
She is the one who erases our pains and comforts our cries.
The true Herald of Nature and protector of our land,
Always willing to lend a hand!
The Art of magick is always in need,
The call goes out for Peiros, which he eagerly heeds.
Wise beyond his years and a devoted man,
His friendship is wondrous, his magic's just grand.
A fiery poet and lover at heart,
Peiros is always with Nutryneaux, his eternal counterpart.
The Child of the Fae is beautiful indeed,
The bard of all bards is truly what she be!
A caring and everlistening spirit,
If you call for inspiration, she will hear it!
Then there are the Syx, yet we only know a few,
Kadreshi the first and Argentea two.
Reshi, the eldest and element of Earth,
Created since the time of the universe's birth.
Never dishonest and a mother to us forever,
Balance is her way, following it always, waning never.
Her sister is Argentea, the very essence of Watyr,
The sisters of the Syx are Death's true daughters.
She of silver and life,
Tea of the comforting voice that ends all strife.
A master of swords and warrior of the blade,
Demirier Moonsong is there, if ever should darkness invade.
Alyion's brother and weaponsmaster of the realm,
Weaving a dance of elegance, dressed in armor and battered helm.
The darkness pierces the hearts of some yet others push it aside,
Her name is Shayd...the poor soul's life been filled with nothing but lies..
But she thrives despite unimaginable odds,
Kadreshi's daughter, a true gift from the gods.
Our youngest member and the rogue of them all,
Would be young Kristen Machin, never one to bore you into a lull.
Fiery and independent but with a loving nature,
Be it time for us to sing her life's overture?
Never will we know for she is always one step ahead,
We question whether Kris is alive or is she dead?
Lolan, ranger and husband of the angelic Elora, is gifted with insight,
Wielding his blade, causing evil to cower in fright.
Elora, the angel of the heavens, is a healer by choice,
Yet the blood of the clans has made her eyes moist (with tears),
The most benevolent and innocent of souls,
She is one that makes us whole.
The Elven bardess who we all call sister,
Her voice as pure as one would defer.
Arwen, the very spirit of music, a true and just elf,
Creates works of poetry from her innerself.
Stormer Baenre,
What can I say?
Beautiful and talented in the ways of old,
With a voice of joy and heart of gold.
Her partner in business, is none other than the Pirate Queen,
Thessa Von Rath, the toughest woman I've ever seen!
The raven haired captain of the Gray Ghost,
A far more experienced mariner that most.
Ah the flirt of all flirts, would be M'Kiri the flirtomatic,
To win her friendship is almost automatic.
With a good head on her shoulders and a body to match,
Who knows what excitement she is about to hatch?
Laryalanthias Willowsong, the young and lithe maiden of the forest,
Her poetry and song as heavenly as an angel's chorus.
A wondrous friend who shares her devotions,
Can anyone pierce the veil that shrouds her emotions?
Kalathuis, the drow warrior, who is a gentleman and knight,
Always battling for what is right!
A kind and nobleman who I would defend any day,
A natural born leader, regardless of what they say.
Files'Dk the Mighty Elf, Dran Lightheart, our cleric of Paladine,
Silhouette d'Ingino, Clara Rockshire the mystic and friend of mine.
Rois of the fae, Delara the apprentice Dragon Rider and there are many more,
Who we all call friend and allow our spirits to soar!
Many I have not mentioned and I do apologize,
But you are all equal and talented in our eyes.
Who I am you ask? What is my place? The one who tells of this place, your inner most desire?
I, my friend, am the Dark Poet Gaeleon Silverfyre,
A plain and simple man of the blade and the harp...
Be it time of peace or time of war,
Our bards will still sing our legends, our legacies, our lore!
Some have fallen and none will ever take their place,
Forever this clan will be one unified race!
This tale I have sung is no fairy tale of old,
But one that is as true as the love you do hold.
Hail the Brightspears, forever may it live!
It shall as long we have breath to give.
Hail the clan that anyone can call family,
Be your name Alex, Silvera, Heather, or Lily.
Hail the clan that welcome all and is a place of comforting peers,
All hail the beloved clan we call the Brightspears!

Human Nature

Bloody aggression that comes out in force,
Opponents of vengeance absolutely killing with no remorse.
Blades of conquest descended down,
Soliders of fortune stood their ground.
Campaigns of bloodshed marched forth.
Worlds of change are forever morphed.
Blood of innocence fell like rain,
Angels of mercy try to end the everlasting pain.
Crys of protest ring out through the ages,
Calls of revenge answer the crys and set the stages.
Screams of the dying fill the air,
Bodies of dead soliders litter the ground..everywhere they are, all around.
Flags of nationalism flutter freely in the breeze,
Banners of surrender bring some to their knees.
Treatys of unfulfilled promises are signed by all,
Mutters of hatred only add to their fall.
Laughs of bitterness fill the ears of our kind,
Memories of pain have left us blind.
Flashes of destruciton level whole civilizations,
Choices of redemption show us our stunning revealations.
Wars of attrition leave the earth scarred forever,
Generations of tomorrow must bond togethor.
Dreams of peace start to emerge,
Ambassadors of light call forth peace and forever urge.
Times of gold will start to begin,
Retributions of old will turn to sin.
Ages of youth will end our eternal blight,
Talks of forever will we now walk in the light.
Voices of darkness begin to shriek in people's minds,
Remnants of deception start to untwine,
Flames of devastation spring forth again,
Advocates of death begin to send.
Weapons of mutilation start to descend on the hapless,
Souls of benevolence retreat to the mists.
Sighs of sorrow and questions of "will we ever end this bliss?"
Looks of uncertainity answer it will always be like this.

In her Eyes...

Pale white skin and an ashen face,
With a mind that never tends to make haste.
An angular complection and a tall frame,
Never has she known much fame.
Long, wavy brown hair and a bright outlook,
Her tastes as regal as a queen, her desires never having been shook.
Rosy red lips and plush body curves,
Tis unfortunate for the God's pity she serves.
Made of both darkness and light,
She is one of society's shadows, never surrending to its might.
Only one feature brightens her shadowy lives,
Which would be her soul piercing green eyes.
Large round orbs that are the most intense forst green,
Never can you guess the horrors they have forseen!
Those eyes have seen all the horrors of life,
Failure, death, doubt, betrayel, loneliness, strife.
Yet those marvelous orbs have never dimmed,
Not even to love's double edged hymn.
She views the world with understanding eyes,
Doesn't regard anything below our little white lies....
Only can this be in her eyes.

March of Time

The stars flare brightly in the heavens above,
Leaving this night as tranquil as a dove.
The bright full moon sheds her radiant rays of light,
As she has always done every night.
The crystal blue ocean shimmers far below the heavens,
Making the land's beauty never lessen.
Gentle waves lap against the white, sandy shore,
While the sounds of the long weeds rush on forever more.
A spell of wanderlust is hovering in the air,
Making everything, human or not, wait a moment and stare.
The moonrays illuminate the shady grove of palm trees nearby,
Seeming truly wanderous and imposingly high.
Two voices whisper through the light tease,
Carried on the back of the warm, summer's breeze.
Whispers of love and oaths of devotion,
Which reflect hopes and wishes of promotion.
Barely glimanced through the moonlight trees,
Are too tall silhouettes for all to see
Clad in nothing but their pale, God given skins,
These two are body, mind, and soul akin.
Laughter wafts through the air as the two make merry meet,
Leaving nothing to guilt, pain, or repent.
As the mystical night continues on,
The fiery yellow sun breaks the horizon to signal the coming of dawn.
The lovers have left for their other lives as they always do,
But if they could choose, the first existence they wouldn't lose.
An endless cycle is day and night,
One chooses and replaces, never stays.
Forever stuck in an endless cycle of rhyme,
Which is called the march of time.

Whirl of Emotions

Fires of unbridled passion,
Mysts of unworn fashion.
Stares of lust and unchanging love,
A tranquil glance of Peace's dove.
Spinning webs of deception,
And all those words of hatred and rejection.
Tears of pain and sobs of blame,
Looks of sadness and ones of deeping shame.
Eyes of betrayel,
A whirl of failure as strong as a gale.
Flashes of boiling anger,
Forever lost in the eternal dance of madness,
It deepens this heart of sadness.
Pings of guilt and longing for a soft lover's touch,
It hurts to think of just as much.
Whirling sounds of insanity,
Deep running depressions are deep in thee,
For all these emotions are common in me.
People don't understand or even see.
As I fight for every single day of my life,
Everyone doesn't even care to feel my strife.
So next time you choose to critize me,
Understand and let me be.

Never to Die, Never to Fall

The altar was set with the holyest of relics,
Voices of love, just as angelic.
White marble walls and pillars of gold,
Decorated by the ways of old.
Oaken benches laid out in rows for the heavenly host,
Awaiting the beginning of the ritual, the holyest of most.
Drapes of everlasting green hung over the windows there,
And from the veiled entrance came the bride..the maiden fair.
Adorned in the purest of white,
Her dark wavering hair just like the oncoming night.
Brilliant emerald green eyes filled with laughter,
To join her lover from her on after.
Her ashen face was streaked with tears of purity,
Finally their joining was about to be.
The curtains parted and outstepped the one she loved,
Clad in the colors and spirit of the dove.
Both their hearts race as the two lock loving stares,
Hoping to be togethor, thus their love is fair.
Slipping their hands onto one and another,
They were forver true, loving no other.
The holy priest of old recited the rites of marriage,
Their love the rite, their bodies its carriage.
Beheld by the gods as two eternally joined souls,
Complete and forever whole.
The hymns of love finally spoken and the bond sealed.
Love is in the air, oh how it must feel!
The joining of the two lovers is symobolic to all,
Never to die, never to fall.

My Shattered Angel

You are my angel, the very spirit of benevolence,
Giving my life meaning, my soul its relivance.
The times we share are the memories I shall cherish,
The love you give me shall never perish.
Together we can conquer the obstacles that may block our path,
Dealing with whatever might appear in the aftermath.
You, my angel, give me wings of hope and a halo of light,
The passion and love in our hearts burns so bright.
Eternally joined by ones of purity,
But we are suddenly sepurated by whispers of deception and mutters of conspirecy.
I look into your eyes and see only a gaze of hatred and lust,
Was this the woman I had come to love and trust?!
You were my angel but now you are my betrayer,
Are you also to be my slayer?
Your wings of hope are tattered and torn,
The love in your heart has perished, your hatred has been born.
You are no angel but a deceptive liar all along,
Leave you traitor, please begone!
Haunting my mind with a plaque of nightmares and shattered dreams,
What demons you hide, never to be seen!
Did you chose my fate even before I made you part of my destiny?
What of all those pledges of devotion you promised me?
All of it was a lie, a well mastered facade?!
A legend in your own time, a faithful servant of God..
You called yourself such and then my world started to sway,
My soul screams out for redemption on this dark day.
The very one I loved has turned to the darkness in the blink of a tearfilled eye,
Nothing now can silence my cry.
I now stand in the shadows, alone for all eternity,
Will we burn together, just you and me?
I don't wish such a fate,
But can I live with such remorseless hate?
Deserted by you and the love we once shared,
I still wonder if you ever really cared.
Forever are you driving me madder,
You are my angel, eternally shattered.