My Profile! Woo Hoo!
A Little about me...

Full Name: Christian Banray McCoy (Yes I am changing my name)

Age: Wouldnt you like to know?

Birthplace: Toronto Canada

Birthdate: November 29th

Bloodtype: AB+

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Email Address:,

Favorite Bands: Iced Earth, Sevendust, Smashing Pumpkins, Metallica, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Enigma, Loreena McKennitt, Electric Hellfire Club

Hobbies: Writing, Poetry, Fencing, Reading, Listening to Music, Clubbing seals (just kidding), Roll Playing online and off, Hanging out with Friends, Working at Winn Dickme (Winn Dixie), and Backyard Wrestling.

Religion: All I know is somethings up there and I dont know what to beleive!

Favorite Colors: Blue, Silver, Green

Favorite Place to visit: Stonehenge and Scotland and your momma's bedroom

Hertiage: French, Celtic, and Native Americian

Jobs: Cashier/Office Cashier and Web Site Designer (Hobbywise for now)

Best Friends: Alissa Hill, Kevin McCarthy, Alexi, Amanda (all 4 of them), Angela Sasser, Kristin Mahler and Kat Skinner (My sisters eternal) My advisor and best friend Crystal Gifford, Helen Virtue (Hi Mom! hehe) PEANUT!! Jeff and Laura, Bryan, the entire EBA roster (Shout out to my boys, Alex, Jason (all 3), Adam ( You are the fucking man in my book), Trout (My bitch! ;P ) Ravage (my brother...damn it) Julie, Geno, RDS ( The Japense wrestling hookup!) And all the rest of you).. Jon Valentine (My hommie! Yeah!) Brian you my favorite cracka .and all my rp buddies! Lotta friends eh?

Quotes: "Love is a double edged sword" "The deepest wound of the flesh is only a stratch when compared to the slightest wound of the heart" "I am the one who will make your dreams become reality...your hopes arise...and your desires be realized" "Dont get has safed my ass more than once!" "I AM THE WHOLE F'N INTERNET, MR. RPG!"

Nicknames: Dark Poet, Phatguy (I am dead sexy!), Yo bitch (dont ask)

Who does the Rose bleed for? For me or for you?