Finding True Destiny
The Parting of Blaze and Gaeleon
Shattered Dreams and Longing Hearts

Time passed easily for the Archangel and many things unfolded for him. He found out about his true heritage after his father came to him in a dream and revealed all that he was about, being one of the Truefyre Archangels and Gaeleon's destiny to one day return to his homeland, Alrune, and rebuild its once beautiful lands. Gaeleon found the Clan of the Brightspears and Somerlad Manor, two wonderous places in Rhydin that accepted him without a moment's hesistation and he became part of their family. He became a mage for the Manor and the Weaponsmaster for the Clan of the Brightspears. Gaeleon met many friends and family name a few...Alyion, Peiros, Nutryneaux, Steel the man he would call his dearest friend, his sisters Arwen, Anyra, and Rahnaria...and his first love Blaze....Blaze was the wild carefree woman who was a natural born witch and one of the few people to ever capture the wandering heart and soul of the Elven Poet. The two became quick friends and soon fell in love... The two shared many a moment of passion and love and Gaeleon's heart was, for the first time since him leaving Alrune, flooded with love and emotion. The two were destined for each other ...or so it seemed. Leon proposed and Blaze, overwhelmed with love and emotion, accepted and the blink of a eye..she disappeared from the realms... A month of loneliness and depression came over the Archangel and soon he began to blame himself for her disappearance...then Blaze reappeared again. She had been away in a distant land and had been caring for her son, Zachory. Sorrow had pierced her heart ten times worse than it had the Archangel, who could not begin to find the love he had once had for her. The love had become dormant and was going to need to be found again...Blaze explained that her son had perished due to illness and Gaeleon felt even more grief striken.. The two parted again and now only time will tell if their love was truely meant to be..