Christian McCoy, The Dark Poet
Christian McCoy, The Dark Poet and One Hell of a Sexy man

Welcome to the Chronicles! Enter with an open mind and explore at your own risk...Many shall enter and ...all shall leave. Can't blame a guy for trying to scare the hell outta you...Just enjoy the site, you Cracka Ass Crackas!

I will make you BLLLLEEEDDD! Blood Rose...Poetic and Humorous all in one!
The Chronicles
Inner Self at a Glance A look at myself, beliefs, and interests
Dark Poetry My Poetry....
Picture Gallery A picture gallery with pictures of me and my friends and interests
Music Choices Songs I find enjoyable (MP3 Format)
Links Links to some of my other pages and sites of interest
Funny Stuff Wait til you get a load of my sense of humor!
Words of "Wisdom" A perfectly Chaotic Blend of #$@#!
Gothic look...or just plain cool!

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