"Reckless Abandon", Armor of Gaeleon
"Reckless Abandon", Armor of the Archangel

This armor, made of the finest silver and steel, was crafted eons ago in the forges of ElvenLoft, a legandary community of the best elven blacksmiths and armorers. It has been in the family of the Skyfyres and Silverfyres for well over two centuires, if not more. The wearer of the armor gaines AC 1 when doning the armor and can move and use theiving skills without any penatlies. Unfortunately, the armor can only be used by a direct descendat of the Silverfyre family and also can not be used in Archangel form, for wings would not fit through the back of the armor. It functions as Elven chain mail of blending +4.

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